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Product introduction
Product title: polydimethylsilane
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Product details

1. Structural properties:

Polydimethylsilane is a kind of organic silicon polymer whose main chain consists of si-si bonds and all side chains are methyl groups, presenting white powder and insoluble at room temperature. It has high crystallite and non-melting characteristics. Because of the lower electronegativity of Si and 3D unoccupied orbital, a special structure containing conjugated system inσelectron delocalization of Si-Si bond in the main chain, making the poly dimethyl silane have photoconductive, third-order nonlinear optics, photoluminescence, electroluminescence and some other features.

2. Product performance:

1 used as photoelectric materials (such as light conductor, electric conductor, led, optical memory material, etc.);

2 production of high temperature resistant ceramic materials;

3 used for fine processing (submicron lithography);

4 used in the field of photochemistry (photoinitiator); 

3. Technical indexes


technical indexes


white powder



Residue rate in N2 at 450(%)


4. Application of polydimethylsilane:

1) SiC ceramics-making;

2) as the initiator of olefin polymerization;

3) as photoconductive and charge transfer composite materials;

4) as a high resolution photoresist;

5) as a non-linear optical material;

6) manufacture of light-emitting diodes;

7) development of new optical memory materials;

8) Polydimethylsilane has also been widely used in other photoelectric materials. In recent years, poly dimethyl silane film is used in contacted scanning probe microscope (SPM) nano-imprint lithography, with advantage of higher solubility and less radiation loss when molding.

Since Poly dimethyl silane is a new functional polymer material, the study whether in theory or in practice has significant meaning. Poly dimethyl silane chemical has become a hot spot in the field of organic silicon, the research on it is very active. With the deepening of research, polydimethylsilane is expected to be widely used in many fields.

5. Product packaging:

Wooden drum packaging (lined with plastic bags), weight 25 + + / 0.5kg/ drum, sealed package with aluminum foil bags less than 5kg.

6.Storage conditions:

Sealed storage in light - proof, dry warehouse with three years of shelf life;