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Product introduction
Product title: PVC granules / PVC Profiles
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Product details

1. Qinghua Xunuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. has rich experience in PVC modified granule. After all these years of efforts, there are more than 1000 developed PVC products in our company for sale, with more than 100 color for choice. It can meet the all-round needs of customers in various fields. Whether hard, semi-hard or soft PVC granule you want to buy, whether PVC granule/ PVC profiles used for extrusion process, or used in injection molding process, you can find the one you need. 

2. PVC is one of the most widely used as plastic materials in the world. Due to its wide application range, it has a place in different industry markets. Generally speaking, PVC has the following advantages:

■Durable in use

■High Quanlity & Reasonable Price

■Flame Retardance

■Insulation (the best choice for wire and cable)

■Resistant to grease, oil and chemicals

■Good Durability

■Easy Processing

■Stable chemical properties, not easy to depolymerize

■Less dependent on non-renewable natural resources such as oil and natural gas

3. In order to add more related properties on PVC, we usually mix PVC resin with various additives to produce PVC modified granule which is widely used in medical equipment, building materials, auto parts, baby toys and other products, and its processing techniques include extrusion and injection molding.


1) Wire and cable industry (such as PVC insulation, PVC sheath, PE elastomer, etc.);

2) Home appliance products (such as refrigerator seal strip, refrigerator column co-extrusion fabric, air conditioning retractable curtain, hose, etc.);

3) Automotive field (e.g. Car window, hand brake sleeve, transmission bar sleeve, handle, etc.);

4) Medical materials (such as infusion tube, infusion bag, etc.);

5) Other common fields (such as science and education models, soft profiles, furniture accessories, etc.)