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Product introduction
Product title: Caustic Soda
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Product details

Product name: Caustic soda

Chemical name: sodium hydroxide

Common name: caustic soda;Caustic soda.Caustic soda.Caustic;Solid base. Goth's

CAS No. : 1310-73-2

Appearance: white translucent sheet solid

Density: 2.130 g/cm

Melting point: 318.4 ℃

Boiling point: 1390 ℃

Caustic Soda, also named sodium hydroxide, NaOH, is caustic alkali with strong causticity, generally presented as flake or pearl form, soluble in water, soluble in water heating and formation of alkaline solution, otherwise deliquescence, easy to absorb water vapor in the air.NaOH is one of the essential chemicals in the chemistry laboratory. It is also one of the common chemicals. A pure product is a clear, colorless crystal.

Industrial sheet alkali contains a small amount of sodium chloride and sodium carbonate. It is a white opaque crystal with lumpy, flake, granular and rod shapes.

Formula 40.01 sodium hydroxide can be used as basic cleaning agent in water treatment, soluble in ethanol and glycerol.Insoluble in propyl alcohol and ether.It can also corrode sodium and carbon at high temperature.

And chlorine, bromine, iodine and other halogens undergo disproportional reaction.

Neutralize with acids to form salts and water.


1. Used in the production of paper making and cellulose pulp;

2. Used in the production of soap, synthetic detergents, synthetic fatty acids and the refining of animal fat and plant oils;

3. Used as cotton desizing agents, boiling agents and silks in textile and dyeing industry;

4. Used in production of borax, sodium cyanide, oxalic acid, phenol, etc. in chemical industry;

5. Used in petroleum product refining in he petroleum industry and oil drilling mud, surface treatment of alumina, zinc and copper in the production process, as well as glass, enamel, leather-making, medicine, dyes, pesticides and other fields;

6. Used in production of dye, plastics, pharmaceutical, organic intermediates, regeneration old rubber, metallic sodium and inorganic salt, in the process of water electrolysis, and also in producing borax, chromium salt, manganese acid salt, phosphate, etc.;

7. used as alkaline desiccant;