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1.Urea is the most popular and economical of all nitrogen-based fertilisers used worldwide. It is exceptionally versatile and can be used in a range of environmental conditions on a wide variety of crops. Urea is also a major raw material for industrial products, including melamine.


2.Urea  is an organic compound with the chemical formula CO(NH2)2. Urea serves an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds by animals and is the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine of mammals. It is a colorless, odorless solid, highly soluble in water and practically non-toxic (LD50 is 15 g/kg for rat). Dissolved in water, it is neither acidic nor alkaline. The body uses it in many processes, the most notable one being nitrogen excretion. Urea is widely used in fertilizers as a convenient source of nitrogen. Urea is also an important raw material for the chemical industry.


3. Urea is one kind of neutral fertilizer, which can be used in long time without any harmful material in soil. Usually it can be used both for base and top dressing fertilizer in agriculture. urea contains prilled urea and granular urea .


Prilled urea : gas based and coal based ; coated and uncoated; agriculture and industry grade

Granular urea : Can be used in agriculture and producing BB fertilizer and sulfur coated urea.



The product is relatively safe and chemically stable. When it decomposes it produces hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, oxides of nitrogen and carbon. As a dust, it may form an explosive mixture with air.



Broadcasting or in irrigation water (fertigation); often more effective if applied at least three times throughout the growing season; suitable for a wide variety of crops across a wide range of environmental conditions.



Nitrogen: 46% min

Biuret:  1.0%max

Moisture: 0.5%max

Particle size:  2~4.75mm   90%min

Appearance: white, free flowing, free from harmful substances and foreign matters.

Package: 50kg bags or 1 ton bags,

Shipping: In containers or in bulk.

Urea used for  rich nutrition water soluble fertilizer


Product Description

Chemical formula: CO (NH2) 2,

molecular weight 60.06

nitrogen content :46.67%.

density :1.335 g/cm3

Melting point:132.7 


Properties:Soluble in water, ethanol and benzene, insoluble in ether and chloroform.White crystal, odorless, hygroscopic.Melting point 135  (decomposition), relative density d2041.323.In high temperature, the condensation reaction can be used to produce biurea, triurea and tripolycyanate.Heated to 160  decomposition, to produce ammonia at the same time into cyanate.





 Fertilizer   grade





 Release   Type






 CAS No.





 ISO   9001-2008


 46% min.


 0.5% max.


 1.4 % max.


 2 - 4 mm   90-94 % min.

 Melting   Point

 132   Degrees Celsius


 Standard   White or Pure White


 Non -   Radioactive

 Free   Ammonia

 160pxt ppm   max.

Granular Urea Specifications




 Total   nitrogen

wt %

 46 min

 Biuret content

wt %

 1% max

 Formaldehyde   (HCHO)

wt %

 0.45 min

 Crushing   strength


 2 min


wt %

 0.5 max

 Particle   size

wt %

 2-4   mm....90% min 

 > 4   mm....7% max 

Prilled Urea Specifications




 Total   nitrogen

wt %

 46 min

 Biuret   content

wt %

 ≤ 1


wt %

 ≤ 0.5

 Particle   size

wt %

 1-2.8   mm....90% min



1.Urea is a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer, which is a neutral quick-acting fertilizer, and can also be used to produce many kinds of compound fertilizer.

2.No harmful substances are left in the soil.

3.No adverse effects can be found in long-term application.

4. the high temperature in the granule produces a small amount of biuret, which is also called biuret, which has inhibitory effect on the crops.

5.The content of urea biuret in fertilizer should be less than 0.5% in China.

When the content of biuret is more than 1%, it can not be used as fertilizer, fertilizer and leaf surface fertilizer, and the amount of urea in other application period should not be too much or too concentrated.

6.Urea is an organic nitrogen fertilizer, which can be absorbed by the crop after being hydrolyzed into ammonium carbonate or ammonium bicarbonate. Therefore, urea should be applied 4 ~ 8 days before the crop needs fertilizer.

7.China automotive grade low biuret formaldehyde SCR DEF AdBlue urea for car

8.Automotive grade urea is the raw material to produce AdBlue (DEF / AUS 32), which is a kind of liquid for reducing nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel vehicle exhaust.

9.Our urea has advantages of low biuret and Aldehyde free, you can use it to produce high quality urea solution, final product can fully meet standard of ISO22241.