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Product title: Glucosamine Sulfate
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Glucosamine Sulfate


Product Notes

For many years glucosamine sulfate has been successfully used in the therapy of osteoarthritis. Today's importance of the treatment with glucosamine sulfate is even increasing. Glucosamine sulfate meets all standards of an efficient and well tolerated drug. This is proven by experimental as well as clinical studies, in which glucosamine sulfate was tested in accordance with the current state of scientific research. The results show that glucosamine sulfate will lead to long-lasting pain reduction and functional improvement     by means of increasing anabolical mechanisms, reducing the activity of proteolytic enzymes and by its antiinflammatory effect. Since this therapeutical effect is not due to an inhibition of the prostaglandin synthesis, treatment is not accompanied by the known unwanted side effects.  Glucosamine sulfate is very well tolerated by patients of all ages under short-term as well as long-term treatment.


 In short-term clinical trials, glucosamine provided effective symptomatic relief for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. In addition, glucosamine has shown promising results in modifying the progression of  arthritis over a 3-year period. Glucosamine may therefore prove to be a  useful treatment option for osteoarthritis.








 White Crystalline  Powder or Fine Powder

Assay(on dry basis)


Specific Rotation


Loss on Drying


Residue on Ignition




Particle Size

90% thru 40% or fine powder



Heavy Metals

10.0 ppm max


3.0ppm max

Total Plate Count

1000cfu/ max.


100cfu/g max

E. Coli









Product Function:


1. Rehabilitate the attrited arthrosis cartilage,is a key structural component in cartilage and acts as a lubricant.

2. Enhance the immunity and improve osteoporosis.

3. Cure neuralgia, arthralgia and process the concrescence of wounds.

4. Promote the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, advance the viscosity of synovia, and improve the metabolism of arthroidal cartilage.

5. Has some curative effect on rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis.

6. Has some curative effect on melanoma, lung cancer and renal carcinoma.


7.take part in the detoxification of liver and kidney


8.protect liver from inflammation


9.stimulate the increase of Bifidobiogen in the infant intestines


10.treat rheummatoid arthritis and gastric ulcer


11.confrol the growth of cell





1. Used as medicine's raw material, it can promote the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, advance the viscosity of synovia, and improve the metabolism of arthroidal cartilage with evident effect of relieving inflmmation and easing pain.

2. Used as nutritive food of diabetes, it can cure enteritis instead of cortisol and has some curative effect on rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis.

3. Used in cosmetic feed and food additive industry.