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Product title: Ipriflavone
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Product Specification 

Product  Name Ipriflavone

CAS   35212-22-7

Brand: Hyper

MW: 280.318

MSDS: Avaiable

MF: C18H16O3

Sample: Avaiable

Category: API

Min order: 10grams

Quality standard: Enterprise standard

Place of Origin:China

Usage  Ipriflavone is a synthetic isoflavone which may be used to inhibit bone resorption,[1] maintain bone density and to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. It is not used to treat osteoporosis. It slows down the action of the osteoclasts (bone-eroding cells), possibly allowing the osteoblasts (bone-building cells) to build up bone mass.

ApplicationsPharmaceutical raw materials


1.Have similar function of female Hormone, have availability for improving osteoporosis of female, used for medicine of osteoporosis. 

2.Used for increase of avoirdupois, especially for increase of muscle. 

3. Used as additive of feed.Also used for human, have availability of anti-angina, anti-pain of faucbs. Used for regulator of calcium.



 1.Applied in feed field, ipriflavone powder used as additive;


2.Applied in Pharmaceutical industry, ipriflavone powder used for medicine of osteoporosis.