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the purpose of Stevia Sugar

1, stevia high safety. Stevia origin (South America Paraguay, Massi and other places) of the residents have been eating for hundreds of years, has not found any poison.

 2, low calorific value. Calorific value is only 1/300 of sucrose, used to make low-calorie foods, beverages, very suitable for diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis patients eat.

3, Stevia is easy to dissolve in water and alcohol, and sucrose, fructose, isomerized sugar and other mixed use, not only stevia flavor is more pure, and sweetness can be multiplied effect.

4, Stevia is a non-fermented material, stable nature, not mildew, in food, beverages and other production will not change, but also easy storage and transportation. Long-term consumption does not cause dental caries.

 5, stevia candy like sugar, there are unique cool, sweet features. Can be used to make flavor food, candy and so on. Can also be used as a flavoring agent. Inhibit the smell of certain foods, drugs, smell, instead of sucrose for pharmaceutical, the production of syrup, granules, pills. Can also be used for seasoning, pickles, toothpaste, and so on.

6, economy, the cost of using stevioside is only 30-40% of sucrose.

7, stability, in the usual food and beverage processing conditions, the nature of stevioside is quite stable, is conducive to reducing the viscosity, inhibit bacterial growth, extend product shelf life.Solution stability is good, in the general beverage food pH range, the heat treatment is still very stable. In the acid-base medium does not decompose; to prevent fermentation, discoloration and precipitation, and can reduce the viscosity, inhibit bacterial growth and extend the shelf life of the product.

(1), the stability of acid, alkali and heat. At pH 3 (room temperature) conditions, 180 days without the loss of decomposition, not precipitation. In the range of PH3-9 heated to 100 ℃, 1 hour without any change.

(2), light stability. Whether it is powder or solution, the sun is very stable.

(3), non-fermentative. Long-term storage will not mold mildew, finished products by heat treatment without sucrose browning phenomenon.

8, more than 80% purity of stevioside white crystal or powder, hygroscopicity is not.

9, sweet stevia pure sweet, cool and long, taste like sugar, sweetness is 300 times the sugar. Its taste is very close to sucrose. Extract the purity of pure sugar bag Di sugar sugar 450 times the taste, taste better. Stevia quality breeding is the primary task. Stevia sugar and the sweetness of the taste of a great relationship between the taste. Generally low temperature dissolved high sweetness; high temperature after the taste is good but sweet low.