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Company Introduction

Xi’an Qinghua Xunuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., officially registered in Xi’an Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shaanxi Province, is an import and export company. It is equipped with an excellent team that consists of  talented salesperson and purchasing staff and multi-channel communication platform. All of these are important parts of its development. 

Xi’an Qinghua Xunuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in sale of Stevia Sugar, diosmectite, Licorice extract, caustic soda .

Corporation Culture

Mission: make great efforts to become industry leader in industry scale and company brand, and service society at the utmost extent

Attitude: accurate, fast, rigorous, and pragmatic 

Talent concept: develop individuality, and make the best use of the talents

Business philosophy: win the trust with integrity, put customer first, advance win-win cooperation, focus on quality leadership, and create international brands

Enterprise management concept: competition depends on strength, management depends on quality, and improvement depends on learning

Enterprise quality (products) concept: regard service as guideline, survive based on quality, seek development with innovation, and build brand with characteristics

Enterprise service principle: meeting your needs are the final purpose of our service

Code of practice: devote to duty, passionate in job, abide by industry rule, pay attention to quality, study business, blaze new trails, observe law and discipline, and cooperate in concept of integrity

Xi’an Qinghua Xunuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

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Xi'an  Qinghua Xunuo Import and Export Trade Co.,Ltd


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